Delivery in Surroundings Areas Only


Do you deliver ?

Yes, we do fast same day delivery in Edmonton and surrounding area. Please call our office to learn more.


Can I pickup my material from your yard instead of having it delivered?

Yes, both public and contractors may pickup their orders from our yard during regular business hours.


What is the best depth for decorative stones?

In most cases two-inch of depth is recommended for decorative stones, but this may very depending on the size of the stone and the application. Contact one of our experts for a free consultation.


How much product do I need?

Depending on the size, shape and depth you want to cover, your product usage will vary. Use one of our calculators to get best estimate on amount of product you would need.


What are the sizes of your decorative rocks?

Our decorative rocks in a variety of sizes starting from 3/8" (about 10mm) to 8”. There are variety of colors and shapes to choose from as well. Please visit us or see our products page for more details.


What can I do to make sure that weeds do not grow in my rocks?

A landscape fabric is one of the most commonly used solution for stopping weed from growing in your new project. It’s dense weave keep weeds from growing through while it breats and allows water to flow through.